The following documents are important to you as a resident of Gatling Pointe. The ruling documents are those used to guide our association in running the neighborhood. The Proxy for the Annual Meeting will always be available here. The Architectural documents ensure continuity in our building standards. The Financial Documents give guidance for auto paying your dues and information on Past Due Assessments. Our General Documents are those that will help in making our neighborhood even better.

If you plan to place your house up for sale, you must request the Resale Package that is required to be given to the new owner. There are two forms that must be completed. The link below includes a cover note from UPA's corporate office and the two forms that must be completed. The cost was increased on July 1, 2008 to $250. After work by your Board, we were able to have that reduced to $150 (electronic or hard copy). You can fax or mail your request forms as noted on the forms.

Resale and Authorization Form

Fees Permitted by the New Legislation
Hardcopy or Electronic Resale Packet (may request up to 2 copies) $150
Electronic Resale Packet (CD - again, up to 2 copies) $125
Mailing Fee (within 10 business days) $12
Rush Fee (within 5 business days) $50
Credit Card Fee $15
Additional Hard Copies $25

Articles of Incorporations



Due process (This is the process by which covenant violations are processed)

Architectural Guidelines

ARB Application (This form must be completed and submitted to Conrad Straub for approval BEFORE any work is done)

ARB Clarifications (ARB Clarifications are not authorized and carry no weight. When you open these, review the first paragraph for an explanation from former Boards)

Mailbox Paint

Debt authorization (Use this form to set up automatic payment of your QUARTERLY association dues)

Collection Procedures (Description of the Past Due Assessment procedure and collection procedure)

Community Survey  (Help your board by completing this survey and giving us your thoughts, desires)

Parking Ordinance  (The ordinance prohibiting parking of certain vehicles on the streets of Gatling Pointe)

Association Compliant Procedures  (Steps to follow if you have a complaint against Gatling Pointe Community Association)

Virginia Sales Tax Holiday  (Occurs annually in August; during the sales tax holiday, you can buy qualifying school supplies, clothing, footwear, hurricane and emergency preparedness items, and Energy Starâ„¢ and WaterSenseâ„¢ products without paying sales tax)