Important Documents

The following documents are important to you as a resident of Gatling Pointe. The ruling documents are those used to guide our association in running the neighborhood. The Architectural documents ensure continuity in our building standards. The Financial Documents give guidance for auto paying your dues and information on Past Due Assessments. Our General Documents are those that will help in making our neighborhood even better.

Resale Package

If you plan to place your house up for sale, you must complete a request for the Resale Package that is required to be given to the new owner. This link will permit you to complete and submit the request to UPA:

Hardcopy or Electronic Resale Packet (may request up to 2 copies) $150
Electronic Resale Packet (CD - again, up to 2 copies) $125
Mailing Fee (within 10 business days) $12
Rush Fee (within 5 business days) $50
Credit Card Fee $15
Additional Hard Copies $25

Articles of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation 3/14/1988
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Applicable to all Property in Gatling Pointe
Unsigned - Searchable Signed - Unsaearchable
Amendments to the Covenants
Docks 2/23/2024
Short Term Rentals 2/3/2024
Resolutions to the Covenants
Uniform Sign Regulations 6/26/2023
Association Complaint Procedures 12/10/2020
Due Process Procedures for Enforcement of Governing Documents
Amended and Restated 7/26/2021
Original - No Longer Valid 4/22/2008
Plats of the Community
Plats of the Community 2/15/1988