News & Information

News & Information

Mailbox Information

The following vendors have experience servicing mailboxes within Gatling Pointe and are recommended sources. Please contact them directly for availability and pricing
Name Phone Number
Tommy Wilson 651-9229
Ken Emmett 778-5408
Horace Moss 356-9927 788-1146
For the DIYer
* Provide the formula below to any paint supplier to achieve the correct mixture. Remember to use gloss black for the mailbox and white for the lettering on the post.
Pigment Shot (1/48 oz) Half-Shot (1/96 oz)
B (Black) 22 1
C (Yellow Oxide) 0 1
Budget Information

The adopted operation budget is updated each year and distributed in October / November (the most recent budget is dated 11/2020). Our UPA representative has requested we not publish this document online. If you have misplaced yours or you are a new resident and never received a copy, contact the UPA management liaison, Gabrielle Godfrey, at (757) 966-1438. Be sure to ask for both the budget and narrative that goes with the line item report.

Volunteering Opportunities

Activity Contact Description
Neighborhood Watch Assists in maintaining communication between GPCA residents, Block Captains, and local law enforcement
Architectural Review Board
Communications Committee Distributes official information to residents of Gatling Pointe
Welcome Committee Visits new GPCA residents and welcomes them to the neighborhood
Landscape and Grounds Committee Vacant Plans and coordinates the maintenance of common areas through community outreach efforts and contracted services
Holiday Decoration Committee Plans and coordinates decoration of the Gatling Pointe entrance during the holiday season
Webmaster Manages content of the GPCA website, email distribution lists, and email messaging to residents